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to become a regular reader by subscribing. Together we will be a force capable of reversing the tendency, encouraged by dangerous, so-called cost-cutting, policies adopted by the government, to substitute harmful and expensive dentistry for clinically sound and less pricy procedures. Together, we will help dentists reform their profession in order to provide more transparent diagnoses and pertinent dental care without ever being ashamed of offering  patients the dental excellence that they are expecting.

 to be  a witness, narrating through the blog, the unfortunate and painful experiences  you have suffered in a dental clinic in France or elsewhere. This blog is a brand new experience for us, so your important personal contribution, by giving us suggestions as to what kind of themes, research or debates you are expecting to be taken up, would be greatly appreciated.

 …to be  an author, whether you are a patient, a dentist, a medical professional or a mere humanist passing by, to be allowed to write regularly and freely on this blog. You will be able to take part in our action in order to organize a better professional dentistry.

We don’t maintain any editorial control over what people write, but insults or slanders are to be avoided. You will be responsible for what you post. Authors are all volunteers, motivated by the desire to defeat medical and dental serfdom, to restore the freedom of prudent professional practice for dental surgeons and a free therapeutic choice for patients.

 …to be a member of PPDA (Practitioners & Patients Dental Associates), the association that we are creating to share analyses and proposals for a humanistic dental surgery. It will also be serving current and potential victims of dental malpractice or abuse. We expect soon to draft together a petition to bring to the attention of the authorities the many and counterproductive faults of the current approach, in the hopes of ensuring justice for the victims of the inadequacies of an authoritative and corrupting state.

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